Registered Osteopath - Jocelyn E Drew BSc Hons Ost, BSc Hons Biomed Sc.


Osteopathy is not only a treatment for low back pain; it can help with any
musculoskeletal problem or general health condition through treating the
mechanics of the whole body.

My particular passion is to use osteopathic principles to maximise optimal
health and fitness. Over the past 9 years I have been fortunate enough to
live in a few different countries. Often, the health care services were very
limited. I have also learnt from the people of these countries that some of
their traditional approaches are very similar to the mechanical approaches of
osteopathy. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and feel
my approach to health and disease has evolved uniquely through these
experiences. I was usually the only UK qualified Osteopath or
complementary health therapist in the country we were in at the time so
would often be asked to see and treat conditions that I may otherwise have
not come across before. With this came some amazing successes and
showed me the real power of Osteopathy.

Since qualifying from the British School of Osteopathy in 1996 I have worked
in many multidisciplinary practices as well as establishing my own clinics in
Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Jordan, Qatar and Nigeria.

Osteopathic assessment and treatment is suitable for adults children and